Materi Bayes dan Markov untuk Mata Kuliah AI (kelas LK01 dan LN01)

Dear Students,

Ujian Akhir Semester semakin dekat, berikut ini saya sampaikan Materi Tambahan untuk Bayesian Theory dan Markov Chain.

Markov 1

Markov 2

Bayes 1

Bayes 2


Bahan mata kuliah Inteligensia Semu

Dear Students,

Berikut bahan untuk mata kuliah Inteligensia Semu.
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Bahan Konsep Bahasa Pemrograman

Untuk mempersiapkan diri di UTS dan UAS mata kuliah Konsep Bahasa Pemrograman, bagi mahasiswa saya bisa klik link berikut ini : Buku Teks

Chapter Epilogue. Six months after the surgery

The large amount of readers of my blog about the heart disease I had, of course very encouraged me. That’s a sign that what I had been writing and sharing on this blog were appreciated by the readers, whether it was a would-be cardiac patient like Ms. Rika or a cardiologic student who was studying abroad like Mr. Fajar… and there were many more “silent” blog readers that have never given any comment.

To continue my previous stories, here I am going to tell the readers about anything I have experienced in the last 6 months after the cardiac surgery. For brevity, I recap anything I experienced from the first month after the cardiac surgery until the sixth month after the surgery. More

Chapter 28. Conclusion

After writing a series of blog posts, you would be able to guess what my feeling was like. I felt like I have fulfilled a daunting task which in a long term I got stuck into a “procrastination” abyss which according to Betawi people it was “ntar sok tactic” which meant always promising … later… tomorrow… later… just tomorrow. Indeed, I’d often been asked, especially by my sister Enny, to immediately write down my experience of undergoing cardiac surgery because if I delayed the writing I would be more oblivious to the events that I had have been through: the pleasant, sorrow, joy, horror, and particularly what the feeling of being at the point of death was like…

And apparently after underwent the heart surgery, I unexpectedly suffered from a syndrome of forgetting people’s name or characters’ names, and popular terms that I have memorized them all before. Later from my discussion with the alumni fellows from SMA 1 Madiun, I discovered the syndrome that afflicted me, it was forgetting Roman numerals! It was discovered when my friends of SMA 1 Madiun filed a protest to me because I was wrong in writing Roman numeral I (one) which was mixed up with the Roman numeral II (two). You know whether I’m serious or not about this, don’t you? More

Chapter 27. Inspired by “Scar Trek”

Before I underwent the cardiac surgery which was called “Bentall procedure”, I had a survey to various sources, especially through Google, YouTube, and primarily through to find books in English about heart disease or cardiac patients’ experiences before, during, and after the surgeries. Of course I found some useful books and they fitted what I was looking for, but because it’s in Google Book I couldn’t see all the chapters of the books –I usually could see Chapter 1, 2 and 3 only– so I considered that writing the series of posts in this blog as a “fill in the blank” or writing anything that hadn’t been written by anyone before. Moreover, my articles were written in Indonesian language –the language that is used by 250 millions Indonesian– it’s possible that 10 or 100 people will inadvertently read my blog, isn’t it?

I also read a lot of books in English on Google Book, including from the ex double heart valve surgical patient, that he had undergone an “aortic valve” surgery and “mitral valve” surgery. However, the most remarkable of the person who wrote this book was that…. he recounted his experience passionately, which was of course meant to encourage the readers, especially to those who would soon undergo cardiac surgeries, which were usually always filled with doubt as whether to take the cardiac surgery or not… that in my opinion, the doubt came from the lack of information they acquired along the way… but unfortunately, this good book only showed Chapter 1, 2 and 3, while the other  chapters were hidden in Google book so I became curious about this book. Actually it’s not the matter of the price which costs USD 20, – but about the uneasiness for Indonesian to buy books on, especially for the state bank credit card holders like me. It might be easy for the credit card holders of foreign banks such as from some bank in the United States (you know what I mean)… More

Chapter 26. There were many people asking about heart disease to me

Before “writing the book” or to be exact “write the series of posts on my blog” I’d been wondering, why did the God choose me to experience a heart disease and underwent an open-heart surgery to replace the aortic blood vessel and aortic valve – which is called the Bentall procedure? Why me? I said in my heart. A moment later, I could get the answer, as quickly as grabbing oxygen from the air. That the answer was because I love to write on blog… so if I had to suffer from a heart disease and undergo a cardiac surgery, I would write it all in a series of posts on my blog that may be useful to the readers of my blog… and with that I’ve done a humanitarian duty –that is sharing with the fellows…

Even during the writing of “the book” or the “series” posts I’ve received many questions about heart disease. Of course, from my friends, faculty friends, students or ex-students, relatives, acquaintances, or even new friends who came from nowhere that I had never known. I’m pleased to try to answer their questions, either orally, through comments on my blog, through Facebook messages, SMS, or via e-mail. Even in my heart I thought, the more you ask the better, because it means that my blog is read by many people and so many people need the information about heart disease from the standpoint of a laity cardiac patient like me… More

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