Ditta: From Bali with Love, and..Tokens

As I wrote in my previous post, my youngest daughter Ditta was elected as a student volunteer (SV) in a joint conference of three professional associations in oil & gas industries, namely Indonesian Geophysicists Association (HAGI), Indonesian Geologists Association (IAGI), and Indonesian Petroleum Engineers Association (IATMI) held in Westin Hotel of Nusa Dua, Bali, from 12th to 17th November 2007 (www.jcb2007.org).

Ditta was selected from hundreds or even thousands of proposals pouring in to the organizating committee of the joint conference’s desk. Ditta was one among 20 student volunteers elected from a numerous geoscience departments in numerous prominent institutes and universities in Indonesia. The other 19 SVs were from University of Indonesia, University of Trisakti, Bandung Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Veteran Development University of Yogyakarta, Diponegoro University, The 10th November Institute of Technology of Surabaya, and Hasanuddin University of Makassar. When dispatching the announcement via e-mail, the joint conference committee urged the students to inform them back immediately in case of withdrawal, because there were still hundreds of would-be student volunteers queueing in a very very long waiting list to become SVs..

As a student volunteer, Ditta will receive a package of return air ticket from town of domicile to Bali, local transport cost, a free hotel stay (board & lodging), and some generous extra money from the joint conference committee. There are a long list of oil & gas companies sponsoring the joint conference. From giants such as Chevron to service companies such as Western Geco. Please do not forget to mention Indonesia’s own oil company, Pertamina. There are two government agencies showed their present in the conference, namely Department of Mining and Energy, and BP Migas (oil & gas regulatory agency).

As Ditta has been a student volunteer herself in the previous year, 2006, she knows very well that beside “the generous package” from the joint conference committee, she will receive an endless list of “tokens” (I use the word “tokens” here instead of “gifts”, because the former is more appropriate for this kind of occasion and the later is more appropriate with other occasions such as birthday party, etc.).

So, in short, Ditta received a lot of tokens from the joint conference committee and participants. She never told me how she got all of those tokens. But I would guess, she received it directly from the companies. Since as a student volunteer, she was bounded by ethical code to be followed, such as be prohibited from getting the token for herself, as the tokens primarily were to be given away to the visitors of the joint conference.

The number of tokens Ditta received must be endless. She said she had to brought 2 other backpacks to carry them, in addition to the backpack to carry her belongings (clothes, extra shoes, etc.).

I myself, received a black backpack with red-green-blue logos of BP Migas and Pertamina on it. I also got two golf hats from Chevron and Fugro-Jason (Ditta, what is that company which gave you the blue hat ? I know that the company is a service company which sells software for processing and interpreting seismic data. I remember there is a writing on it “#1 in reservoir characterization”). In addition to that, I also got a badge, somekind of widget you usually write your name and address on it and tie it to your bag, from Western Geco. Last but not least, two Balinese-style t-shirts accompanied all those things.

I was so happy to receive all of those tokens from Bali, but there is no way I could wear all those things altogether. Otherwise, people would think that I were a geoscience professor from ITB ! (no way Jose, I am an associate professor of computer science from Binus University !!)..

Ditta said that a lot of her friends did not receive any  token at all due to the shortage of tokens she brought from Bali. Of course, Ditta loves all of her geophysicist buddies, but due to her first time ever to Bali, she has not yet known well all of the good and cool places which sell the Bali tokens for good prices. Besides, her free time was limited due to the tight schedule as a student volunteer in serving the participant of the conference.

Well, folks, time is up. I got to rush to another campus to teach computer algorithms and programming..

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. narpen
    Dec 03, 2007 @ 21:17:44

    aku dapet sendal om yong.. :p itu bukan masuk token yah?


  2. tridjoko
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 09:39:39

    Yess…mam ! Sandal is also token or “oleh-oleh” in Indonesian, you know mam….he..he..he..


  3. sherryka
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 18:43:42

    hi, do you know how the registration to be a student volunteer at HAGI and IAGI event in 2011 (Joint Convention Makassar 2011) ? do you know where (link ar something) i can get information about it ??

    thank you

    Usually the news about being SC (Student Volunteer) in HAGI and IAGI conference is dispatched through mailing-list to universities (UI, ITB, UGM, Undip, Unhas)..

    So, if you are from one of those universities…just check the news in your mailing-list. But I think the conference has website too…so you can check in the conference website as well…


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