The mouse deer is stealing the cucumber

[This story is translated from “Kancil Nyolong Timun” in Javanese or “Kancil Mencuri Timun” in Bahasa Indonesia]

Once upon time in the Midwestern countryside there was a widow named Auntie Roo lived happily in the village of Somewhereville. Her husband was passed away several years back and now she live with her only daughter named Jenny.

Somewhereville is a fertile agricultural village in the state of Nebraska. There are a lot of plants planted in this village according to their seasons. But for some reasons, farmers in this village like to plant cucumber. So, Somewhereville is also called “the cucumber village”.

Shortly story, in a good season, all of the farmers in Somewhereville planted cucumber. Amongs those, the cucumber in Auntie Roo’s farm was the most vertile: the leaves were growy (hmm…is there any better word ?), and the cucumber were watery (again…is there any better word ?).

That was a good reason to attract the Mouse Deer from stealing the cucumber. In a shiny afternoon, the Mouse Deer trespassed the Auntie Roo’s farm and started eating the cucumber. 

Although the farm usually were not guarded, but sometimes one of Auntie Roo’s workers – Abbott, Cabbot, and Babbit – will oversee the farm to make sure that everything is ok..

That afternoon, the Mouse Deer ate a lot of cucumber so full that finally he became drowsy and his feet was caught in a trap.

Shortly afterwards, the Mouse Deer was brought to Auntie Roo’s house and he was locked up in a chicken’s house. Fred, Auntie Roo’s mean dog, constantly barking to frightened the Mouse Deer.

“Oh my Gawd, my day is near”, the Mouse Deer started to worry about his unfortunate situation. But the Mouse Deer was famous for his bright and shiny idea. He is like a Ph.D. student amongst the animal. 

“Hi Fred, come on in here !”, yelled the Mouse Deer.

“What’s up Dude ? You locked in a chicken house and shortly you will be slaughtered and roasted to celebrate Jenny’s wedding day. Your day is near”, yelled back of Fred the dog with his Texas accent – apparently he came from the Lone Star state.

The Mouse Deer was started to worry hearing what Fred said. As a bright animal, he thought of a new trick..

“Hey Fred, come on here. I’ll tell you a little secret. Auntie Roo asked one of those guys – Abbott, Babbitt, or Cabot – to picked me up and asked me to stay up in this beautiful hotel because she wants me to marry her daughter Jenny”, said the Mouse Deer..

And Fred started to think, “Is it ? Jenny ? Oh my lovely queen Jenny, I really want to marry you. But why Auntie Roo picked up this smelly animal to marry her daughter ?”

Fred knew Jenny was a beatiful girl with great body, long blonde hair, green eyes, and a sparkling smile. She was easily eligible become every man’s dream…

“Moooouussse…Deeeeer, ccccooould yooouuu aaallllooowww me to rrrreeeppplllaacceee you in the chicken’s house. Cause I want to marry Jenny instead ?”, asked Fred the dog politely to the Mouse Deer.

“No way, Jose. Marrying Jenny is like winning a Superbowl, you know dude ? But if you are serious, here is the deal. You can replace me here and will marry Jenny soon, if you can give me five thousand dollars as the goodwill money. Let me hear from your smelly mouth, if you are serious you will say “Aye”  “, said the Mouse Deer.

“Aaaaayyyyyeeeeee…”, Fred the dog answered spontaneously. It was between achooing and saying something..

Finally, the Mouse Deer’s locked were released by Fred and in turn, Fred the dog was entering the chicken’s house and the lock is sealed back by the Mouse Deer.

The Mouse Deer was free now, and he can do all he want to do once again..

And the poor Fred, easily blamed himself for his stupidity..

[to be continued…]

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