Flunk !

I just got a call up from an old friend of mine, a widow and a pensioner. She thought that I was “such a highly important person” in the university I taught for so long, that’s the reason why she called me up..

She thought so, but I din’t.. I am just an ordinary lame weak uninspired ole lecturer who teach only for a spoon of rice (not a kg of diamond !)..

That friend of mine once called me up some months ago. She told me that her child (to disguise the child, I don’t mention the gender) had a lot of difficulty in finishing the study at the School of Computing. So, I asked indirectly to an important person in the school why it’s that so. The important person explained to me ..bla..bla..bla.. and I understood the reason..

But this time the mom called me up because the child flunked the final project comprehensive examination several days ago. And she told me that the child was so scared to death to repeat the comprehensive examination. So, she asked for help if I can do something..

I wish I could help the mom, and the child..

Flunk the test is not a shame. But to see someone who has difficulty academically as well as economically flunked the test is different. There is an urgency to help from the depth of my heart, no matter whether I can help it or not..

I heard that some lecturers who examined the students were not in line with the background of the students. I called it “legally wrong, morally wrong”..

If you know CoBIT standard and you are a member of ISACA (www.isaca.org), you are easily aware that in every organization there is a normative organizational structure with a very strict responsibility and authority in order to maintain netrality and avoid conflict of interests..

Let me give you an easy example. If you are a “silat” student of “Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate” (silat = an original Indonesian martial art, close to Kong Fu) and you have studied the silat at SH Terate for 4 years, and you are about to graduate as a “pendekar” (warrior), and then suddenly in the final examination you are examined by the “pendekar” who is not from SH Terate branch, but instead he or she is from Cimande branch (for example), then the examination can be called “legally wrong, and morally wrong”..

Legally wrong, because the general assumption is that the examiner know nothing about the “jurus” ( a set of movement) of SH Terate branch, and morally wrong because the examiner continue examine the silat student although he/she know that he/she lacks of knowledge in SH Terate branch of “jurus”. Worse still, if someone who oversees or sanctions the examination do nothing about it..

The year of 2008 is the year of the risk. A lot of industries demand “risk management certificate” from all of the employees, especially in banking industries, a highly-regulated industries. If something gone wrong, the bank will incur a lot of losses in money, and also in trust and name. That’s why Sarbanne-Oxley (SoX) standard and also Basel II standard is observed carefully in the banking industries..

This university ? I think it’s time to observe the risk also. If the students flunked the final project comprehensive examination by some lecturers who the public know it as “legally wrong and morally wrong” activity, in the end of the day the university name will be tarnished..

And it’s the responsibility of the management of the said university to avoid that from happening…

In case of the student’s next examination, I can’t do anything to help, but to pray…

May God gives the student success…


[Disclaimer : this story is about a hypothetical university in my dream and nothing to do with any university in Indonesia]

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  1. tridjoko
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 15:01:25

    Me : At 2.30 p.m. just now the mom of the student called me to tell me that the student finally passed the final project comprehensive examination..

    Maybe God has answered my prayer..

    Thanks God..


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