Contoh essay untuk Master dan Ph.D

Contoh ini diminta oleh salah seorang mahasiswi ex bimbingan saya, Butet (!), yang sebentar lagi mau berangkat ke Amerika (dan juga membuktikan sekali lagi bahwa lulusan Binus juga sama hausnya dengan lulusan universitas lain untuk meneruskan studi ke Master dan Ph.D ke US)..

Sebenarnya essay itu ada yang dibikinkan oleh suatu lembaga professional yang kita tinggal nelpon aja dan bilang kita mau nerusin di bidang apa, maka dia akan membuatkan. Misalnya ada di :

Tapi kebetulan di subuh yang dingin ini saya menemukan satu contoh dari :  yang isinya saya copy+paste sebagai berikut :

Sample Essay – Graduate School – University of Nebraska

Little Lessons I’ve learned on my way

Lesson 1: Don’t Lose Your Path
In his poem, The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost wrote, “Two roads diverge in the woods, and I took the one least traveled by/ And that has made all the difference.” In this poem, the narrator had a choice of two roads. However, I’ve discovered that life is a little more complicated. Sometimes the path we embark on is not always the one we choose. Sometimes we are pushed or pulled in certain directions and we have to react to our environment.

My path to a college education has been filled with bumps, potholes, detours and roadblocks. The signs often read “yield” and “do not enter.” The path has not always been clear, but I’ve kept my eyes opened, focused on the road ahead, and the experience has made all the difference.

During my freshman year in high school, my mother remarried and I had to move from Colorado to Kentucky. One year later, we relocated back to Colorado after they divorced. During my junior year in high school, my mother remarried again and I had to change schools again, although we remained in Colorado. Thus, I did not have a sense of continuity during high school and although I recognized that my path would lead me to college, I was not ready to commit myself to school full time. Instead I went to work full time as a grocery clerk and worked my way up to assistant manager. I then moved into customer service work and finally fell into an advertising manager position. I took several night courses during this period until I was ready to commit to school full time. Although I could have continued with work, I knew that it was not what I wanted to do and once I committed myself to attending school and realized that I wanted to study Sociology, I have proven myself to be an above average student. This past year, I earned all “A”s in my courses.

Although it took me a bit longer to complete my undergraduate education, I consider it to be my greatest success. I paid for it, I struggled through it, and I gave up a great deal of my life for it. I also realize that my educational path is not complete. I believe that my struggles, perseverance, and triumph through my undergraduate studies qualify me as an excellent Ph.D candidate in your Political Sociology department.

Lesson 2: Become an Active Listener
When I was growing up, whenever the phone would ring, my mother would say, “the doctor is in.” I believe that one of my strengths lie in the way I communicate and deal with children. I think that we must become active listeners in order to understand each other. During my internship with the Instititute for Social Justice, I worked with inmates on research for alternative social models of punishment. In order to do the job effectively, I needed to empathize with the inmates so that I could understand their concerns and needs and remedy any self-destructive conduct they exhibit. The work also involved an all out hunt on my part to place these inmates into environments and programs that would prove healthy for them.

I maintained a working relationship with my friends at the Institute and checked their progress weekly. I believe that the power to empathize, or the ability to put yourself in someone else’s place begins with an open mind. When I say that we must become active listeners in order to understand one another, I mean to say that there are subtle movements in our speech, certain words that we use, certain utterances that are not directed towards us, certain circumstances unrevealed to us. We must endeavor to hear all of them. I believe that this skill will help me greatly as a Ph.D candidate in your department.

Lesson 3: Learn From Your Experiences
In 1997, my mother was diagnosed with lupus. I was enrolled in a full course load but I dropped three classes so that I could spend more time with my mother and comfort her as much as I could. I felt so helpless because I did not know how to help her. I resolved to know more about the disease, I attended Lupus support group meetings and found out about a diet that helps regulate the body’s immune system. I also talked to several neurologists and researched several drugs that were FDA approved. Through our collective effort, we found a terrific drug and the disease has stabilized for almost a year. This experience has taught me that even if a subject is miles away from the reach of your contemplation, you can learn much from research and from the knowledge and experience of others.

And as I offer myself as a Ph.D candidate in your Political Sociology department, I bring to the table years of work experience which includes steady and continuous promotions, an unrelenting pursuit for knowledge, a compassion for children and people, and a belief that anything is possible if we can actively imagine it into existence. Throughout my adult life, I never lost my path and I hope that you will allow me to continue this path at the University of Nebraska

OK ?  Kalau ada pertanyaan jangan sungkan-sungkan nulis di komentar posting ini…

Good luck then !



14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pkab
    May 08, 2008 @ 16:55:07

    saran: pakai fasilitas MORE setelah dua paragraph.

    Tombol MORE ada di antara Insert Image (gambar Pohon) dan Check Spelling. sehingga front page akan lebih ringkas dan orang yang tertarik baca kelanjutannya bisa klik MORE-nya.


  2. Tri Djoko
    May 09, 2008 @ 00:27:07

    –> Pak Sur : wah…makasih banyak sarannya. Banyak ilmu-ilmu blog lain yang nantinya bakal saya “serap” dari Pak Sur nih…


  3. Hannah Toruan
    May 10, 2008 @ 10:45:04

    wah, thx bgt pak! 🙂

    duh berangkatnya mah blom pasti hahaha
    tp sy anggp itu sbg motivasi ;p btw sy msh bingung nih pak…, sbnry sy pgn bgt ngelanjutinnya di bidang computer jg… ga trlalu mnat actually di bid ekonomi hehe.. gmn ya pak baiknya? cos minat ini kan bkalan kita tuangin di esai nanti… ‘di bag minat n motivasi’….



  4. tridjoko
    May 10, 2008 @ 14:47:45

    –> Hannah : saya lupa ya kalau Fullbright itu test-nya harus masuk dulu (tanpa TOEFL dan GRE) atau nanti setelah diterima sebagai Calon Penerima Beasiswa Fullbright baru dibiayai test TOEFL sama GRE..

    I mean, if you are pretty darn sure that your TOEFL score (CBT, computer-based test) at least 98 (equivalent to paper-based test 597) and your GRE Test about 1,100 then you can choose IT/Comp. Sci. instead of Economics…

    But I just give you an idea, in the end of the day you yourself decide what to do in the future, including becoming a Computer Scientist..

    Ok ? Good luck !


  5. Hannah
    May 12, 2008 @ 21:49:14

    iyaaa Bpk bener jg…. tp sy ambil sarannya bpk deh, manajemen informatika…., jln tengahnya.. hehehe.. btw jurusan ini namanya computer management ya pak?… syaratnya toefl dulu pak, 550, doakan sy tesnya minggu dpn T___T*****


  6. tridjoko
    May 12, 2008 @ 23:42:18

    –> Hannah : apa ada yang namanya jurusan “Computer Management” ?

    Yang saya maksud adalah “Management of Technology”…

    Jadi, “Manajemen Teknologi” bukan “Manajemen Informatika”…


  7. Hannah Toruan
    May 18, 2008 @ 00:42:15

    Ooooo…. sy pikir manajemen informatika (macem SI gtu), krn jurusan ini ada di gunadarma.. hehe oke2, sy baru dgr jurusan management of technology, tp sepertinya seru jg, … btw spesifik mngenai jurusan ini spt apa ya Pak? well thank u so much for ur advice Sir.. Have a nice weekend 😀


  8. tridjoko
    May 18, 2008 @ 02:22:24

    –> Hannah :

    Wah..pertanyaan terlalu spesifik, kayak apa ya jurusan Management of Technology itu…

    Coba deh, search aja ke Wikipedia…mungkin banyak keterangan “yang memuaskan” di sana..ha..ha..ha.. Tapi kurang lebih melakukan Technology Planning, Technology Audit, Technology Cycle Analysis, dan sebagainya…

    Saya lihat di Indonesia, alumni jurusan ini “pada jadi orang gede semua” terutama kalau bisa ke Ph.D (bukan hanya Master). Saya punya 2 teman, yang satu lulusan Tokyo U. dan yang lainnya lulusan George Washington U. , keduanya sudah jadi pejabat top sekarang…

    Siapa tahu anda bisa dapat Ph.D in Management of Technology dengan secara khusus membahas IT Companies, misalnya ?


  9. Hannah
    May 22, 2008 @ 22:23:32

    wah masukan yg bgs Pak…. iya sy uda browsing mgenai jurusan ini n sgt tertarik, ternyata seru jg.. sgt luas trnyata bidang IT itu ya pak 😉 hehe kmrn sy uda tes ITP toefl, duh lmyn berat ya.. trutama readingnya… beda bgt ama toefl prediction pd umumnya, ini jauh lbh ssh T__T yah skrg sy tinggal brdoa aja, mg2 hasilnya mmuaskan… hehehe


  10. tridjoko
    May 22, 2008 @ 23:04:49

    –> Hannah :

    Iya deh…semoga sukses, saya ikut doa’in deh…

    Kalau yang Fullbright ini nggak goal, nanti kita diskusi cari cara yang lain, ok ? Anda pintar pemrograman Java kan ?


  11. Hannah
    May 23, 2008 @ 20:13:28

    hahaha double gt berkatnya yah pak ;p
    siiip22 msh banyak jln lain yah pak, hehehe, waduh java programming klo dblg jago2 bgt mah ga jg, mentok di konsep malah… xD btw skrg ini sy krj di bidang yg sm sx baru bwat sy, no experience.. software testing & QA.. bnr2 dr nol blajarnya, scr pas kul ga gt mndetail, hny slh satu thp dr pngmbgn software.. sy pikir software tester itu profesi yg mudah, trnyata rumit jg.. mcm2 software test documentationnya, bgt jg metode testingnya… ga dtraining dulu lg, sy hrs cr bhn n smua2nya sndr -_-” … yah tp seru jg c pak, jd nmbh ilmuu.. kerja perdana scr ga sngaja terjunnya ke bidang ini… hehe oya btw ada pandangan or mgkn masukan2 pak mngenai pkerjaan software testing itu? …. sorry jd curhat ni sy…..


  12. tridjoko
    May 24, 2008 @ 00:45:52

    –> Hannah :

    Software testing itu pekerjaan yang menarik lho kalau anda bisa menikmatinya. Sebenarnya ada 2 pengertian software testing, pertama yang berkaitan dengan pengembangan software dan dalam “realm” software engineering. Kedua, dalam pengertian IT/IS audit dimana software yang sudah dalam tahap “production” sekalipun tetap harus diaudit apa masih mengandung kesalahan-kesalahan…

    Makanya di IT/IS Audit ada “audit on the computer” dan “audit around the computer”..

    Di Singapore ada satu lembaga IT prestisius milik pemerintah yang para ahlinya mengembangkan “automated software testing” dengan cara menulis compiler yang secara otomatis akan “membaca” code dan sekaligus mengadakan test terhadap code itu. Saya tidak jelas apakah one-pass compiler ataukah two-pass compiler, tapi itu gak masalah sih…

    Ntar kalau yang Fullbright anda nggak lolos, baru saya kasih tahu cara kedua menembus Amerika. Sementara ini saya berdoa keras supaya anda lulus sih…


  13. Hannah
    May 24, 2008 @ 11:03:28

    oh ya IT Audit, bidang ini spertinya menarik jg ya pak.., tmn kantor sy, bs dbilang msh muda jg(under 30) uda jd dosen di ibii ngajar matkul ini.. dy sendiri backgroundnya akuntansi.. apakah ada hubungannya, it-software-auditor-akuntansi? msh awam jg sy ama yg satu ini… well2 yg jls sy makin bersemangat di bid it ini, luas cakupannya n mnantang ya pak… hahaha oks22 pak tri, cadangan bpk bnyk yah ;p, i’m wondering bout the second one, but not now, hehe of course i’m still hoping w/the scholarship ;p well thx again Sir, have a great weekenD! ^^


  14. tridjoko
    May 24, 2008 @ 19:18:09

    –> Hannah :

    IT Audit itu intinya mengaudit apakah segala aspek IT/IS di dalam suatu perusahaan running well and well-governed, dan tidak menimbulkan potensi risiko walau sekecil apapun…

    IT Audit itu 60% yang melaksanakan adalah yang background-nya IT, tapi yang 40% mungkin yang background-nya Akuntansi. Misalnya sebuah Bank Besar di Indonesia yang ATM-nya sekitar 5,000 buah di sekitar Indonesia. Tentu banyak proses bisnisnya dilakukan dengan bantuan komputer, termasuk ATM tadi (tapi tidak hanya terbatas di ATM, juga masalah back office process-nya)..

    Nah, kalau mengaudit komputer kan anak2 Akuntansi agak kagok, maka khusus mengaudit komputer ini mereka minta bantuan orang-orang IT..

    Ya, pokoknya this world is full of opportunity. Kita tinggal explore dan exploit kemampuan kita di bidang-bidang yang menarik bagi kita (syukur-syukur mendatangkan keuntungan)..

    Jadi, stay optimistic and let the good things roll…


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