Cheap lappie, Dad !

At one day, my youngest daughter Ditta miscalled me at my handphone. She is studying at Bandung right now and usually so stingy to buy the handphone voucher by herself. At once, I call her and just to say Hi..

“Hi Ditta, what’s up ? How’s your final project going ?”, I opened the talk..

“I am just fine, next week would be my turn to present my final project result. This week both of my advisors asked me to beautify the result”, she said..

And as usual we discussed a lot of things, from garden to cats and from the students’ demonstration in  Jakarta to my plan to visit Makassar soon..

“So when are you going to Makassar Dad, and for how long ?”, she asked me..

“Well, my flight would be Tuesday morning on the 27th and we will visit our partner’s office to prepare the meeting for the next morning. The 28th of May would be for FGD (Forum Group Discussion) the whole day, and the last day on the 29th would be a free day. Maybe I can buy something. “Badik” weapon will be my first hunt since I’ve already had the “Rencong” from Aceh”..

“Ooh badik ? So scary…”, she said. “’s not for you, I will buy the badik and give it to your friend instead. It is only a badik replica after all”, I explained to her. “In that case, it’s ok then”, finally she felt a little bit relieved…

“Dad, there are lot of cute, small, and cheap lappies in BEC (Bandung Electronic Center)”, she began to discuss something “techy”.

“What brand ?”, I asked curiously..

“Some of them are Acer, and there are other less wellknown brands as well”, she explained about her “finding”…

“So why you just didn’t buy it ?”, I began teasing her..

“What…buy ? I didn’t have that much money, Dad !”, she laughed..

“Who do you think you are ? Buying cheap lappie at BEC..”, I teased her again…

“Oh yeah I know, I am not a daughter of the BRI Director, am I ?”, she laughed like hell and finally she realized that dreaming so high than reality is wrong…

She continuedlaughing when I said “Bye”…

In fact, she’ve already have a lappie, a new lappie with a slow processor. But for writing paper, etc. that lappie is good enough. The only problem it has a wide screen, i.e. 15.4 inch, so big and so heavy to carry. She imagined how nice if she had a 14 inch lappie, 13 inch lappie, or even 12 inch lappie…

If and only if I am a Bank Director, her request is so easy…


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  1. liswari
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 00:55:48

    Wait for at max 3 years Om, she will get it by her self :-).
    In my case, from my dad I just want him to always listen to me and understand me and knows all my friends name hehehehe.. thats more than enough for me…:-p


  2. tridjoko
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 05:43:19

    –> Mbak Liswari :

    Yeah, I think so…

    If things are ok’s she will be graduated this July. Exactly today she presents her final project findings before the Colloquium audience..

    Hope she’ll get a lot of corrections and suggestions from her fellow students in the qolloquium presentation, and start writing her final project report..

    She has received a job offer from an oil service company in Jalan Kuningan area. After a year of on the job training, she is in seismic processing business, she will receive a mouth watering offer from the “real” company, I guess…(or I hope he..he..he..)…

    In my case, I just want my daughters to maximize their potentials and make the best of it…

    How’s your study in Miami going ? Done by now or need another semester to wrap it up ?


  3. ditta
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 20:42:42

    hahahaha,,papah berlebihaaaannn..itu kn ak nawarin sapa tau mb dessa mo beli gt hehhehehe..trus bagian akhir2 itu kan becanda yah,,ak ga pengeennn iya pah lappie itu enak bgt buat nonton soalnya wide screen..

    klo lg refreshing ak nonton dh,,yang terakir ak tonton film “21”..bagus dh ttg mahasiswa MIT,,ntr ak kopiin ke jkt


  4. liswari
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 04:13:06

    If everything is ok my school will be done this August and I will graduate on February next year 🙂 the other thing thats going on is my work visa which is in process but I don’t know if I would get it or not since now they are doing lottery because the applicants are more than the capacity… and I don’t really know if i want to stay here longer, it depends on my health condition also.. well.. we will see..:-)

    Yeap Om, Good Luck for Ditta, she will make it


  5. tridjoko
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 05:17:43

    –> Mbak Liswari :

    Yeah,,,but the most important is your study is done..

    Work visa ?

    Let’s keep our mouth shut and pray…and let’s the good thing roll…

    Graduation is just another ceremony. If you have fulfilled all the requirements to get the MSCS, then it’s enough already…

    Apparently Ditta read my postings and she said she is really on fire to finish the final project…

    Good luck for you then !


  6. BBB
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 17:38:13

    BTW, I liked that “21”. One of the movie I “accidentally” watched on cinema (well, I had to since the other choice was “Sex & the City 2” which is too feminine for my taste. :p )

    This movie could be considered one of inspirational movies (too bad the objective wasn’t so inspirational… :p). Never imagine that math equation and statistic probabilities became such an amazing weapon for that. Too bad it doesn’t reveal in-depth analysis of how all those decisions were made, perhaps the film makers were too afraid if Las Vegas gangsters knocking on their doors. 😆

    And the ending really cracks me out, seeing the smug on his face while the professor who interviews him gawks at his “experience”. 😀
    Watched this several times and still amused.

    Perhaps pak Tri could share his analysis about how that man solves & always counts the right ones?

    Mas Bobby,
    Hahahaha….accidently you read one of my “super old” posting….it makes me read again this posting….and reconstruct again my thinking on what I did at that time (when I wrote the posting)…

    Eventually my daughter Ditta forgot to give me the copy of “21” movie….so I haven’t seen it until now….

    The surprise think is….in this posting I imagine how nice to be “the Director of BRI”…and you know what Mas Bobby ? Ditta is in BRI now….she works there….mmmm…the truth is…she hasn’t finished her training period at that Bank….but soon she will….and hopefully some decade later she would fulfill my dream….as a Director at one of Indonesia’s Big Bank….hehehehe…

    So I can’t share the analysis with you now….sorry to say….hehehe…


  7. BBB
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 09:52:19

    That’s alright. You could still catch it on cables later on, I’ve seen it there several times already. Or… those cheap DVD copies might be an alternative. You should watch it though; it already contains some impressive analysis for solving difficult probabilistic deals that might even boggles the mind of intellects.

    And here’s the short summ of the movie itself: It tells the story of a young MIT student who gets accepted at Harvard Medical School, but has problems having not enough money to pay for his enrollment there. And later on one of math professor caught interest of his amazing math solving abilities and has him joins his “secret” club which deals with scoring lots of cash through blackjack gambling without getting caught using “card counting” techniques (although he was reluctant at first). Though later on he finds it very interesting and challenging at first, he soon learns the danger of greed, arrogance, & deceits that puts his future in despair including his life on a stake.

    And good luck for your daughter. I hope she really nails it, perhaps much sooner than couple of decades, or even less than a decade. 😀 (“some” decades kinda a bit too long, don’t you think? :p )
    … and perhaps later on she could offer me interesting loans that has a very… very low interest. 😆

    Mas Bobby,
    Mmmm….coz you told me the synopsis at that movie….now I remember that I have seen that movie by chance possibly at HBO…. Yeah the story is interesting, but when I saw it….I flip the channel from here to there….competing the remote control with my wife and daughter….hahahaha….

    But that kind of “genre” movie….I don’t like to watch it on TV or on cable….maybe the ideal is if I could see it in my compie, buying the “copy left” DVD……. In cable TV, I’d prefer watching Mila Jovovich or Drew Barrymore on movies like “Jane d’Arc” or “Fifty First Dates“….coz it’s kinda lite, kinda easy….

    About the cheap interest loan….you could bargain it with my daughter after she’d be promoted to Branch Manager in the future….hehehehe…


  8. BBB
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 13:53:54

    I knew you do. 🙂

    BTW, isn’t that Joan d’ Arc kinda heavy movie, as in story depth & literature? I think “21” is still pale in comparison with that movie, and IMHO more lighter (it’s only a game of blackjack anyway, barely comparable with heavy literature like that). I do agrees with “50 1st Dates”, though it could be a stressful story considering how the woman forgets every single day, on in this case: each 1st dates of 50 days duration in that movie. 😆
    For both actresses, I kinda like the action version of their movies such as Resident Evil or Charlie Angels series. (each of us does have our own preferences)

    Besides I do usually keep favorite movies in digital format so that I could watch it anytime I want. You might want to browse sites like IDWS for that. Regular one & half hour movies in standard definition (DVD format, 480p) takes roughly the same size as one compact disc (700 mb), but with nowadays digital compression can easily achieve even below 300 mb. In theory, you could cram around 10 movies in 1 DVD-R disc.
    And even recently I got several high definition, 720p movies that only takes up around 400-500 mb with less noticeable loss in quality, perfect for playing it using today’s smartphones.

    Anyway, enough OOT from me… ;D


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