The meaning of fasting

The blogging business in Indonesia is so quiet recently due to the popular increase of both Facebook and Tweeter. I don’t want to “purge” this blog as there are still a lot of visitors come and go everyday. To make it a better blog, at least from my perspective, I will change this blog as my own “english magazine”. Sounds cool, doesn’t it ?

Since three days ago I do fasting during the month of Mercy (Ramadhan). As a moslem, if I have no problem with my physic and soul, then it is a obligatory for me to do fasting during the whole month of Ramadhan.

For moslem, by doing fasting one can feel the sorrow of the less fortunate as most of the time they have difficulty to find even undecent food.

During the fasting month, I usually feel weak physically but feel strong mentally..

My Allah follows me during this holy month so I can pass the whole-month test of Ramadhan..


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  1. selvy
    Aug 25, 2009 @ 00:29:33

    Semoga lancar menjalankan ibadah puasa ya pak!

    Terima kasih ucapannya Selv….I really appreciate it..;-)

    Dulu waktu saya tinggal di Singapore (di wilayah Tanjong Katong), waktu puasa di sepanjang jalan dipasang lampu-lampu hias dan setiap sore/malam didatangi turis-turis bule yang curious “apa sih yang dilakukan orang muslim selama mereka berpuasa ?”….hehehe… pengalaman orang puasa kok dijadikan tontonan….;-)


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