Chapter 4. Back to work and teach, as if living in two worlds

The root of the problem why I fainted is actually trivial. First, I wasn’t really fit after suffering from a “loss of breath” and finally being brought to the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital. Second, since I wasn’t really fit, I still needed a respirator on my nose to help me breathe. Third, I was a little weak after that morning being brought to the Echo and Vascular room that I had to queue for the both of rooms, also the room was rather narrow. Fourth, I’d been dying for defecation so I didn’t have the time to have a “second thought” about what I would do …

That day, although I’d been dying for defecation, actually I wasn’t very strong for doing the defecation in the toilet. I’m supposed to be given a “toilet seat” so that I could defecate near my bedside. But since I was a little “feel champ” – this was the nurse’s explanation to my wife- I then directly got in to the toilet, shut the door, took off my patient pants and sat on the toilet. That’s all I remembered

But a few seconds later, what I could hear was

“Sir… Sir…Sir… Sir… be sober, Sir….  Be sober… Take a deep breath, Sir… Take a deep breath, Sir…come on, Sir, be sober… come on, Sir, be sober…” … When I was raised onto my previous bed, I had been surrounded by four male and female nurses and two male and female doctors. At any rate, it was just like in the ER (Emergency Room), as seen on the television serial movies…

Lately, I’d noticed that if a patient is in critical because of fainting (pass out) or else (passed away), the nurse who firstly noticed it would scream bloody murder, “Emergencyyyyy!!!!!” And all the nurses and doctors on call who heard it would soon go toward the shouts. Therefore I could be “saved” from being unconscious in the toilet and revived to my previous bed … More

Chapter 3. Entering emergency room (ER) for the first treatment

The Pusaka Taxi was a little limp while crashing the Jakarta traffic which was quite quiet at that Saturday night. The toll road was also quiet so at that night the taxi I took could run a bit faster. Unnoticed, the taxi had been exited from the toll gateway, in front of the Slipi Jaya Plaza. After taking a U-Turn under the Tomang flyover, the taxi got in to the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital.

I, then kept thinking that I was very healthy for 54 years and never been hospitalized. Then, why was now I sentenced of having a heart disease? Unnoticed, the taxi had got in the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital yard but we were in the wrong way! Apparently, the ER we headed is the ER of the Harapan Kita Pediatric and Maternal Hospital. Then the security showed us the direction to the ER of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital.

The taxi then turned back, and finally we arrived under a blue sign post with white letters that read “Emergency Unit”. I then glanced at the taximeter that pointed to Rp. 68.000,00 (USD 6.80) …but that night I paid the taxi driver Rp. 100.000,00 (USD 10.00). After thanking a thousand thanks, the taxi then get gone. I then went to the emergency room door and saw a doctor on call at emergency room dressed in dark green. If I wasn’t mistaken, his name was Dr. Ricardus.

Then, there was a brief question and answer, if I thought about it later it’s kinda funny at that night.
Me       : Doc, I want to be treated in this ER.
Doctor : Well, who’s in pain, Sir?
I           : It’s me, Doc.
Doctor : Well, where’s your guardian? (Gee…Indonesian is really weird, instead of me, the Doctor asked about my guardian’s whereabouts)
Me       : No one accompanied me here, Doc.
Doctor : So, you’re here alone?
I           : Yeah Doc … I’m alone here. More

Chapter 2. To be sentenced of having a heart disease

And it turned out that…I was struck by heart disease. The one who detected the disease using stethoscope and able to catch a strange “murmur” in the stethoscope and concluded that I struck by heart disease, not lung disease, was Dr. dr. Hertati, my neighbouring doctor. Whereas, the two other doctors who operated near my house assumed that  I was just suffered from stomach ulcers and respiratory.

After I checked out from the hospital for my first treatment from 6 to 18 November 2010, a lot of friends and relatives asked me what the indications of heart disease. I replied, only for me, there were some protrusive indications. First indication, I usually could go to the parking office on the 5th floor carrying backpack filled with books easily, but at that moment after I climbed the 1st floor, I became hardly breathing that I had to rest first. Second indication, I usually could talk continuously for a couple of minutes without break, yet at that time, I panted just after talked for 5 minutes. I remember, at that time While I was teaching Pengantar Teknologi Informasi Course (Introduction to Information Technology), I feel that it was a very hard teaching, my legs trembled and panting breath. The third indication, my hands became very often tingling (in Javanese, it called “gringgingen”). The fourth indication, my back was unbelievably sore… from the waist up to the neck seemed to want to be scraped, usually by consuming Paramex, all the soreness disappeared in the next day, but this time I could still feel the soreness…

Later on, it thanks to the discussion with the other heart patients, the internet information, and the seminar at the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital, I, then understood that there are three kinds of heart diseases, they are :
1. Congenital heart disease, which is from birth, a person has already suffered from hollow heart or weak/leaking heart valve;
2. Coronary (cardiovascular) heart disease, which can be caused by smoking a lot, eating a lot of fat / high cholesterol foods;
3. “Structural” heart disease, that is an alteration of the heart’s structure due to the aging factors, such as the swollen heart blood vessels or a weakened /leaking heart valve

It turned out that I stroke the third type of heart disease, which is “structural heart disease. More

Sorry, yang ini numpang lewat

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Chapter 1. I was just healthy, initially

I was just healty, initially. Until 54years old, I had never got serious illness, the worst ills I’d got were just diarrhea, flu, sprue or cold. I also seldom went to the doctor, hospital well, I’d never gone there except for visiting sick friends or relatives. Meeting the doctor was quite rare, practically it was just once in a year. I usually went to the nearby doctor, I considered him as the “family doctor”. What often happened was I just bought the medicine given by the doctor when I complained for some aches. I didn’t always buy the medicine at the pharmacy but at the nearby drugstore.

Why I was in the pink, it perhaps because I was an active person and I liked to do activities. As for walking, I’d walk in speed, it might be because my mother used to walk very fast that her skirt’s fabric would have “wuk..wuk..wuk..” sound. More

My ex open heart surgery patient novel : just translated

Dear friends and readers, to broaden the readers base for my blog in order to achieve 1,000,000 hits by the end of 2012, herewith I try to translate my 110-page novel of ex open heart surgery patient into english..being helped by my english students, both on-campus students and out-of-campus students (virtual students)..

Yet the outline of the english version novel is still the same as the Indonesian version, that is :

1.  I was just healthy, initially (Awalnya saya sehat-sehat saja)
2. To be sentenced of having a heart disease (Divonis sakit jantung struktural)
3. Entering emergency room (ER) for the first treatment (Masuk UGD dan perawatan pertama)
4. Back to work and teach, as if living in two worlds   (Kembali ngantor dan ngajar, bagai hidup di dua dunia)
5. Finding the right date of the operation (Mencari tanggal operasi yang tepat)
6. Meeting the cardiac surgeon (Bertemu dokter yang akan membedah jantung saya)
7. Preparation of the cardiac surgery (Persiapan operasi)
8. Checking in the Pre-Ops room and the performed rituals (Masuk ruang Pre Ops dan ritual yang dijalani)
9. Delivered into the operating room (Diantar masuk ruang operasi)
10. What happened while I wasn’t aware (Apa yang terjadi selama saya belum sadar ?)
11. The first consciousness and getting hallucination (Sadar pertama dan kena halusinasi)
12. Graduated from the ICU room, transfered into Intermediate IWS room (Lulus dari ICU, masuk ruang Intermediasi IWB)
13. Not having appetite in IWS room (Nafsu makan di IWB tidak ada)
14. Graduated from IWS room, coming into the infirmary room (Lulus dari IWB, masuk ruang perawatan)
15. Nah di sinilah keteledoran saya
16. Hanya semalam di rumah, esoknya pingsan di kamar mandi
17. Masuk UGD lagi, untuk perawatan pendarahan lambung
18. Badan, tangan dan muka sampai bengkak-bengkak di IWM
19. Aku mendengar suara di IWM
20. Lulus dari IWM, masuk ruang perawatan
21. Ikut rehabilitasi fase I
22. Setelah sebulan di RS, sayapun boleh pulang
23. Ikut rehabilitasi fase II
24. Masih ada masalah keenceran darah dan detak jantung
25. Kembali ngantor dan ngajar lagi
26. Yang bertanya tentang penyakit jantungpun banyak
27. Terinspirasi “Scar Trek”
28. Penutup

Mengapa memilih berkuliah di Binus ?

[Sorry….still under construction…]

Belakangan ini saya senang sekali menulis posting di Blog saya dengan judul yang diawali dengan kata “Mengapa…..?”. Mengapa, ya saya tidak tahu….

Tapi dari berbagai pendapat mahasiswa dan alumni Binus, tulisan saya itu cukup menggelitik dan pantas dibaca (worth to read). Bagi alumni yang telah mentas dari kampus dan sekarang bekerja di Indonesia maupun di luar negeri seperti Singapore, Malaysia dan Australia….tulisan-tulisan saya itu bisa mengobati “rindu” mereka terhadap kampus Binus yang pernah mereka “duduki” antara 3,5 tahun sampai 4 tahun….hehehe

Dan karena posting ini ditulis oleh seorang Dosen yang telah berpengalaman sekitar 30 tahun mengajar di Binus, maka tulisan ini “wajib dipercaya” oleh pembaca…dan bagi orangtua calon mahasiswa Binus yang sedang berpikir keras untuk menyekolahkan putra-putrinya di sebuah universitas yang bermutu, tulisan ini juga wajib dibaca..

Ini saya berikan daftar 10 alasan mengapa kalian harus kuliah di Binus : More