Chapter 1. I was just healthy, initially

I was just healty, initially. Until 54years old, I had never got serious illness, the worst ills I’d got were just diarrhea, flu, sprue or cold. I also seldom went to the doctor, hospital well, I’d never gone there except for visiting sick friends or relatives. Meeting the doctor was quite rare, practically it was just once in a year. I usually went to the nearby doctor, I considered him as the “family doctor”. What often happened was I just bought the medicine given by the doctor when I complained for some aches. I didn’t always buy the medicine at the pharmacy but at the nearby drugstore.

Why I was in the pink, it perhaps because I was an active person and I liked to do activities. As for walking, I’d walk in speed, it might be because my mother used to walk very fast that her skirt’s fabric would have “wuk..wuk..wuk..” sound.

Aside from my built body, and a little chubby, I had no other prevalence to have the ‘talent’ on striking by the heart disease. My blood pressure was low blood pressure at first, but along with my aging, it had been crossing to high blood pressure with 140/90 pulse pressure. Yet, It’s so seldom. I didn’t possess diabetes, and I wasn’t suffered from renal impairment.

On the top of that, at the last year before I was sentenced having heart disease, I lived my life in a very healthy way. I often bicycled so far as 5 km, even it could be 10 km when riding my mountain bike I bought at the end of 2009. The story was begun when I was ordered by the university official in which I taught to be the substitute lecturer for the other lecturer’s class which was also my friend, Mr. Syaiful Karim. Apparently, for teaching the class for a month, my pay was used to buy a mountain bike brands Polygon, although it’s a low-end type.

Thus, for a year, before I became ill, I always bicycled routinely in the afternoon of weekdays, and in the morning of weekends. Except if the road was too muddy due to the rain falling, I didn’t.

During the 2010 fasting month and the Eid, I still had many activities. In the  time ahead the fasting month, I had the opportunity to go home for “nyadran” (pilgrimage) to my parents cemeteries in Madiun. Even in the Eid, I could still drive my Avanza E which I borrowed from the Coop Office, whereas it took 12 hours for riding a car from Jakarta to Semarang.

One month after the Eid, when I’d just finished bicycling, there was a strange feeling inside my body. If in the past time, I felt fresh after bicycling, at that moment I didn’t feel really fresh.

I was so curious… and it turned out that…. (to be continued)

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Augusta
    Nov 14, 2015 @ 05:16:38

    Assww, Saya tertarik membaca blog pak Tri, terutama mengenai kisah operasi jantungnya.
    Suami saya juga oprs cabg+avr pertengahan maret kmrn.
    Sy ingin ngobrol2 menanyakan seputar penyakit tsb jika bapak berkenan.
    Mhn kabar dan kesempatannya.

    Tks wass

    Mbak Augusta,
    Ok mbak..


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