Chapter 2. To be sentenced of having a heart disease

And it turned out that…I was struck by heart disease. The one who detected the disease using stethoscope and able to catch a strange “murmur” in the stethoscope and concluded that I struck by heart disease, not lung disease, was Dr. dr. Hertati, my neighbouring doctor. Whereas, the two other doctors who operated near my house assumed that  I was just suffered from stomach ulcers and respiratory.

After I checked out from the hospital for my first treatment from 6 to 18 November 2010, a lot of friends and relatives asked me what the indications of heart disease. I replied, only for me, there were some protrusive indications. First indication, I usually could go to the parking office on the 5th floor carrying backpack filled with books easily, but at that moment after I climbed the 1st floor, I became hardly breathing that I had to rest first. Second indication, I usually could talk continuously for a couple of minutes without break, yet at that time, I panted just after talked for 5 minutes. I remember, at that time While I was teaching Pengantar Teknologi Informasi Course (Introduction to Information Technology), I feel that it was a very hard teaching, my legs trembled and panting breath. The third indication, my hands became very often tingling (in Javanese, it called “gringgingen”). The fourth indication, my back was unbelievably sore… from the waist up to the neck seemed to want to be scraped, usually by consuming Paramex, all the soreness disappeared in the next day, but this time I could still feel the soreness…

Later on, it thanks to the discussion with the other heart patients, the internet information, and the seminar at the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital, I, then understood that there are three kinds of heart diseases, they are :
1. Congenital heart disease, which is from birth, a person has already suffered from hollow heart or weak/leaking heart valve;
2. Coronary (cardiovascular) heart disease, which can be caused by smoking a lot, eating a lot of fat / high cholesterol foods;
3. “Structural” heart disease, that is an alteration of the heart’s structure due to the aging factors, such as the swollen heart blood vessels or a weakened /leaking heart valve

It turned out that I stroke the third type of heart disease, which is “structural heart disease.At that time, I was suffered from “respiratory disease” for 3 times in 2 days. The “respiratory disease” happened when I was breathing but in fact, there’s no air entering my nose. Nothing at all! Reflexively I went to the bathroom and put my index finger to the tip of my back tongue. Finally, I gained coughing while throwing up… afterwards, my breath came back. Because I’ve experienced 3 times of “respiratory disease”, my wife suggested me to check my body to Dr. dr. Hertati.

Earlier, I mentioned that finally Dr. dr. Hertati found that I stroke by heart disease. An acknowledge letter for me to be examined by a cardiologist at the Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital was created, together with my wife, I could still drive my car to the Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital.

After registering at the patient registration section in Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital, I queued for being examined by a cardiologist at the Heart Poly. After waiting for half an hour, then I was examined by a cardiologist here. First thing the nurse did was to place 11 ECG (electrocardiogram) censorships, which the two of them were placed on my ankle, the two others were on my wrist, and the rest 7 were on the chest around my heart. After waiting for one minute finally … ssrrrr…sssrrr…sssrrr… the ECG generated a graph that was read by the cardiologist who examined me right away.

“Hmmm … you suffer from aneurysm,” said the cardiologist who examined me, without I know what aneurysm is. The cardiologists took me into the echocardiography room. I then laid on my back. My chest was smeared a kind of jelly. The cardiologist used a “computer mouse” which its shape was like a food pestle and it “ran” on my chest. The cardiologist hissed bit by bit, “Hmmm … your heart disease has been severe. Look, there is an aneurysm that is so wide, almost as wide as your heart size. Here also, you see, there is a leaking heart valve which causes the blood that has been pumped up falls down again.”

My heart pounded more and more hearing the cardiologist diagnosed me and sentenced me that I stroke by a chronic heart disease. “Oooh nooooo”, my mind said. “Haven’t I been in a good health all this time? Didn’t I often bicycling 4 times a week?”.

Finally, the cardiologist took me to the X-ray room. I, then enter the X-ray room, undressed, pressed my chest to the metal plate, and clicked…. the X-rays emerged through my chest. In less than 5 minutes, the Rontgen results came out and held by the cardiologist directly. I was told that –though I didn’t know what he is talking about, “Look here, you aorta has already swollen so huge and it is almost as huge as your heart size. I actually can medicate you, but you’re going to return to me again and again, so it’s useless.” For some reason, I like the way he spoke, he spoke in informal speech or “lu & gue” speech (local dialect of Jakarta’s people).

“Alright, you go to the ICU of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital immediately,” said the cardiologist closing the conversation. This cardiologist wrote something in his note, addressed to the ICU of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital. I, then took the ECG and X-rays reports just now after paying the cost of Rp 690. 000,00 by credit card, I then decided to go to the ICU of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital immediately.

Apparently at that night my daughter, Ditta, called his mother and asked “Where are you, Dad, Mom?”
My wife answered, “ We’re in Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital.”
“I don’t bring the home key. How could I enter the home?” said my Daughter Ditta.

My wife then decided to go home by riding my car which I drove it earlier in order to make my daughter  Ditta be able get into the house. Then I gave in to go to the ICU of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital  by taking the Legacy Taxi of the Blue Bird Taxi Group which was waiting queue for the passengers at the Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital.

I then got in the taxi…. “To Harapan Kita Hospital, Sir,” I said to the cabbie. The car then slid on at that Saturday night that was quite quiet to the ICU of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital which was about 20 km away from Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital…… (to be continued) ….

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