Chapter 3. Entering emergency room (ER) for the first treatment

The Pusaka Taxi was a little limp while crashing the Jakarta traffic which was quite quiet at that Saturday night. The toll road was also quiet so at that night the taxi I took could run a bit faster. Unnoticed, the taxi had been exited from the toll gateway, in front of the Slipi Jaya Plaza. After taking a U-Turn under the Tomang flyover, the taxi got in to the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital.

I, then kept thinking that I was very healthy for 54 years and never been hospitalized. Then, why was now I sentenced of having a heart disease? Unnoticed, the taxi had got in the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital yard but we were in the wrong way! Apparently, the ER we headed is the ER of the Harapan Kita Pediatric and Maternal Hospital. Then the security showed us the direction to the ER of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital.

The taxi then turned back, and finally we arrived under a blue sign post with white letters that read “Emergency Unit”. I then glanced at the taximeter that pointed to Rp. 68.000,00 (USD 6.80) …but that night I paid the taxi driver Rp. 100.000,00 (USD 10.00). After thanking a thousand thanks, the taxi then get gone. I then went to the emergency room door and saw a doctor on call at emergency room dressed in dark green. If I wasn’t mistaken, his name was Dr. Ricardus.

Then, there was a brief question and answer, if I thought about it later it’s kinda funny at that night.
Me       : Doc, I want to be treated in this ER.
Doctor : Well, who’s in pain, Sir?
I           : It’s me, Doc.
Doctor : Well, where’s your guardian? (Gee…Indonesian is really weird, instead of me, the Doctor asked about my guardian’s whereabouts)
Me       : No one accompanied me here, Doc.
Doctor : So, you’re here alone?
I           : Yeah Doc … I’m alone here.

Eventually, I handed in the EKG and X-ray result from Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital along with the acknowledgement letter from the Cardiologist. The three doctors on call in the ER swarmed the letters which I submitted. Then, I was asked to take a seat on the wheelchair.

All of sudden, three candidate of doctors who dressed in white: 1 male and 2 female approached me who was sitting on a wheelchair. One of the candidates politely asked for my permission, “Excuse me, Sir. I would like to examine you.” I then nodded and the doctor candidate immediately stick-pressed his stethoscope on some points of my chest. He then looked at his two other doctor-candidate mates without a word. The two other doctor candidates examined me by their own stethoscope.

There’s a strange heart pounding…. there were some murmurs“, said one of the doctor candidates. After waiting for about 30 minutes on the wheelchair, I then moved to the bedside of patients in the emergency room. It felt a little relief because I could straighten my back and also I got a blue patient blanket, the typical ER. It was around 8 PM.

At around 10 PM, a doctor on call asked me, “You are treated here borne by Asks, aren’t you, Sir?” I then replied, “Yes, Doc” I said while I reach in my pocket looking my yellow Askes card (health insurance card) which was in my wallet. Then I emitted my Askes card from my wallet because at that moment I was still wearing my casual clothes, not the patient’s clothing. Not long after that, the doctor on call asked again, “Where’s your family ?

I, then called my wife who might be sleeping with my daughter Ditta at that night, “Mama, you are asked to come to Harapan Kita Hospital… the doctor needs your signature.” “Oh, you apparently were treated at Harapan kita Hospital? Not in the Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital?” she asked. Apparently, my wife thought that after being examined by the Pondok Gede Hajj Hospital Cardiologist, I also was treated there. I, then replied, “Nope, I’m being treated in Harapan Kita Heart Hospital“.

Finally, my wife and my daughter Ditta got to the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital at around 11 PM. Apparently, my wife was asked to sign the Askes form for a treatment payment claim later. In addition, apparently the doctor on call prompted my wife that I had to be examined by MSCT Scan tonight and later we will have to pay Rp. 2.800.000,00 (USD 280) for MSCT Scan wasn’t borne by Askes.

At around 0:30 AM, I went into the MSCT Scan room driven by my bedside to the room next to the emergency room. I, then told to lie on my back in the MSCT Scan bed and the operator wagged me a little to the back to the front, to the left to the right and to the top to the bottom. Few days later, I was amazed by the results of the MSCT Scan which beautifully photographed my heart… and it turned out that a heart was like a potato which was still full of its roots!

In short, after examined in room MSCT Scan room, I then treated in the IWM (Intermediate Ward – Medical) at the third floor. I, then got two kinds of infusion, and on my nose, a respirator was applied to help me breathe. At the following morning, I was carried to the Echo Cardio Graphy and Vascular room. Since the “process” of carrying me to the Echo and Vascular was done by removing the respirator which was on my nose, I felt a little hard breathing.

That day, after returning to the IWM treatment room and after the “action” of Echo and Vascular, I wanted to go to the restroom. At that time, I was a little dizzy, but since I was about to defecate, I asked for the nurse’s permission to get defecation in the toilet. “Just don’t close the door, shall you, Sir?” ordered the nurse.

Apparently, in that day, an extraordinary event happened! I fainted in the bathroom!

(To be continued…)

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