Chapter 6. Meeting the cardiac surgeon

As noted in my Patient Discharge Report, my heart impairment needed further action for correction which is called “Bentall procedure” surgery. Basically the surgery will replace my swollen blood vessel with a sleeve made of dacron fibers. My heart impairment was that my blood vessel which called “aorta” has been swollen twice the original width, a phenomena which called “aortic dilatation”, and in turn this swollen blood vessel made my heart pumped so hard just to flow the blood to my whole body as the blood which has been pumped up will go down again, a phenomena which called “regurgitation”. This blood “regurgitation” which go down so fast in turn will hit my aortic valve and it made my aortic valve to be broken. The swollen blood vessel coupled with broken aortic valve both needed an action which is called “Bentall procedure” surgery, a complex surgery which can only been done by a senior heart surgeon.

So, I decided to search more information on “Bentall procedure” surgery in the internet to look for what Bentall procedure is and how the cardiac surgeon conduct the operation to replace my swollen blood vessel and my leaked aortic valve, so that I can be well informed about the so-called “Bentall procedure” surgery. This is important so I can make sure to myself that the “Bentall procedure” surgery is just like that and just do it !

By the time I did my monthly control with my doctor, dr. Aryo Soeryo, SpJP, I was asked by him about the action needed to treat my illness. The doctor said “Bentall procedure operation must be done immediately Sir, as if it were not performed, then in the next year when  your heart been photographed by the MSCT Scan, the chances are your aorta is widening further as wide as 7 cm in diameter“, said the doctor with the intention to inform me. Yet, to me it was like a “threat” – that meant if I had the Bentall procedure operation soon, then my heart impairment could be healed, but otherwise, it would get worse.

Getting a bunch of information I had gained over the internet, both from Googling and YouTubing, I then thought, “Well … If I didn’t undergo the surgery then I still have the chance to be alive, but perhaps I will live another 2 years, 1 year, 6 months, or even only 3 months“, considering that my my aorta vein had been swollen so wide.

Thus, with that thought echoed in my head, I then answered what dr. Aryo said before, “I’m ready, Doc. I am ready to undergo the surgery at any time, and about the cost, it doesn’t matter because I have my Askes (health insurance)“. The doctor wanted to confirm me once again, “Do you, Sir? You want undergo the Bentall procedure surgery ?“. This time I firmly replied, “Yes Doc. I do.”

Finally, dr. Aryo called someone to ask for my operation schedule. After talking on the phone for a while, he said, “Sir, your operation is scheduled on February 10, 2011, and the cardiac surgeon who will lead the cardiac surgery is dr. Maizul Anwar.” I nodded slowly, then the doctor filled out a form which its title if I wasn’t mistaken, was “Acknowledgement Letter of Operation

On the appointed day I waited to meet the cardiac surgeon who would operate my heart, dr. Maizul Anwar, in front of his practice room where there was a script “Cardiac Surgery“. Apparently, there were some people who were waiting for dr. Maizul there, which one of the patients was a retired policeman from Bandung. We had a chit-chat for a while.  A few minutes later I could finally meet dr. Maizul, who has just given a speech in a seminar on that day.

I then watched dr. Maizul from close distance because there was still a heart patient who was writing something on the doctor’s table. A moment later, dr. Maizul who always did not miss using a moslem cap (called “kopiah“) said to me after flipping through my Medical Record (MR) for a while.

Where is the MSCT Scan result ?“, asked the doctor.

Umm..Doc, maybe I left it in the treatment room when I was treated in November 2010 recently“,  I said while trying to remember.

You have to put the MSCT result in this MR as the material for the later operation“, said the doctor.

I’ll get it Doc, I’ll ask for the copy of the MSCT result later“, I replied.

After a while, dr. Maizul said, “Bentall procedure surgery is a major surgery, and its biggest danger is the patient got bleeding,” said him quietly.

His quiet remark made me more curious to know what exactly the biggest danger of Bentall procedure surgery is.

Once I awoke after the surgery and was told by my sister that I had an post-operative excessive bleeding, then I knew exactly what dr. Maizul meant…. ( to be continued )

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  1. Andi Sanjaya
    May 06, 2012 @ 09:17:33

    Mas tri joko ada ga buku teori definisi hortatory exposition text, correlation study? sy lg butuh mas buat referensi..
    thak you.

    Bagaimana dengan link ini, sudah menjawab pertanyaan anda ?,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=13826912c1b30c74&biw=1024&bih=440


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