Chapter 9. Delivered into the operating room

My watch showed at 00.00 on Thursday, February 10, 2011. After the kitchen staff gave me the “last supper” of a strawberry pie and a sweet hot tea,  then I drank it quickly – so I once again tried to sleep since at 4.00 in the morning I would be awakened by the nurse according to the news that I received …

I then tried to sleep in a “deep sleep” which was cozy, without dreams, without delirium, only in an irregular heartbeat….

Suddenly, “Sir … sir … get up, sir, it’s already 4 o’clock.” I then woke up quickly because I had never had a 100% soundly sleep if in the morning there was an important event.
What’s the matter, Sir?” I asked.
Mmm… Sir… I want to shave your pubic hair, Sir and I would shoot your back area…,” said the male nurse calmly.

After that, the male nurse set up a “shotgun” to “shoot” my ass. After it was ready, a pointy-end bottle was inserted into my rectum, then all the content of the bottle was pumped into my stomach. About 2 minutes later, it was not frivolous in my stomach, and something seemed to be out of my stomach through my ass…. if needed, soon… yeah soon!

I then immediately ran to the bathroom to dump everything on my stomach. With one push, all of my entrails were out without any exception. After flushing them with water several times, I then rinsed my ass, and back up into my bed. It was a relief because all my entrails had spilled out – including the strawberry pie and the sweet hot tea served in the mid last night…

When I went back to my bed, I tried to close my eyes, but I couldn’t sleep again…
At around 5:50 in the morning, the same male nurse as before came up to me while giving me a bottle containing a blue viscous fluid. “Sir… later at 6 o’clock please take a shower using this antiseptic soap. Please divide this liquid soap in two, one part is for washing your head and another part is for washing your body. Don’t forget, Sir, if taking a bath, wash your chest several times…” I then nodded signing that I had understood, since from the internet I’ve read that before undergoing a cardiac surgery, a patient should take a bath and give an antiseptic liquid on the chest area until it is clean.

Promptly at 6 o’clock, as scheduled that I’ve read on the internet and be reminded again last night by a nurse, so I went into the bathroom. After removing the patient suit consisted of two parts, which were a trouser and a shirt – which is similar to that plain baby blue pajamas –I then flushed my head and body with a warm aqueous shower. In accordance with the instruction from the male nurse, so I split the blue liquid soap in 2 parts. The first part I used to wash my head, and the second part I used to clean the entire body with a focus on cleaning my chest. The soap was an antiseptic soap and it was intended to eliminate the germs on the chest so as not to interfere the recovery from the heart surgery later…

After wearing the baby blue patient suit back that I had undressed before, I then headed to my bed. Still using the patient suit, I then remembered something and I got up from my bed and headed for “nach cash” (a small cupboard which has many drawers which is placed next to the bed) and started to tidy up my belongings: clothes, books, medicines, and anything and put them in my black backpack which was labeled “Jansport”. As the bag didn’t fit, so I needed 2 black plastic bags to place my sandals and tissue.

Promptly at 7 o’clock my wife Susi, my sister Enny, and my classmate at IPB, Gayatri Rawit came into my room and approached to my bed. I then was asked, “Are you ready?” I then answered firmly, “I am ready physically and mentally….

Then the four of us prayed according to Islamic way, may my operation that would be undertaken in half an hour can be successful. “Amen ….“, said the four of us together. Then each of us read Al Fatihah epistle to pray to Allah for the operation can run smoothly. This prayer issue had been reminded by Mr. Ustadz (Islamic cleric) who visited me yesterday at the late afternoon.

At about 7:15, an officer of Harapan Kita Hospital who dressed in brown entered in my room with a wheelchair. I then calmly sat in the wheelchair and took off my Neckerman sandals to be inserted to my black plastic bag that had been prepared (eventually these sandals would disappear …. didn’t know where they were kept)…

By riding a wheelchair, I, followed by my wife, my sister, and my friend Gayatri was left from the Pre Ops IWS room at the third floor to the operating room at the second floor via the Patient Elevator. The officer who pushed the wheelchair then gave approximation, “Ma’am, please later on, drive up just until in front of the operating room.” No one responded, they might have something to think about in their mind. But the atmosphere of that morning was quiet, silent, reverent … and the five of us formed a procession which ran slowly…

The five of us finally got to the second floor after using the Patient Elevator – an elevator which is only for patients and doctors and should not be used for the public. The shape is elongated in order to accommodate the patient’s bed when needed.

We then continued to turn slowly toward the right and after 20 meters from the Elevator, the officer gave a gesture, “Until on this line, Ma’am….” Once again I shook my companions’ hand – my wife, my sister, and Mrs. Gayatri. Afterwards, slowly I waved my hand as if to say “Good Bye“…

And a journey was started…. a journey that might be “one way ticket” if the operation was failed and I moved into the afterlife, or it could be a “return ticket” if the operation was successful and I am healthy again and can do whatever I could do as before…

I then looked at my watch… which apparently I had dislodged it. Although without a watch, I could guess that today is Thursday on February 10, 2011 at 7:30 AM.

The officer then pushed the wheelchair that carried me to a hallway leading to the operating room. In this hall, there had been gathered some doctors – male and female, lean and fat, old and young. Everyone was wearing a dark green operation suit, whereas I was still wearing a baby blue patient suit.

Welcome, Sir, have a safe operation,” they said almost in unison with a bright smile. But among the doctors, I didn’t see dr. Maizul Anwar who would lead the Bentall procedure operation of my heart. Maybe he was praying in the other room, I said to myself.

After going through the hallway with turning to the right and left several times, I then got to the operating room. Got up from the wheelchair, I then greeted some doctors who welcomed me in the operating room. I then invited to sleep in the “operating table”, but by seeing to the right and left of the bed, this room wasn’t actually an operating room … but the “preoperative” room which was maybe located next to the operating room.

I then was asked to undress my shirt and pants, in a sleeping position. Then I was asked by dr. Dwito, “Are you ready, Sir?” I replied, “Yes Doc…” with a smile. My body which was without shirt and pants was finally covered with several layers of light green cloth, and my crotch was placed a big tube (10 cm in diameter) which released a warm air leads to my feet.

I then was ordered to close my eyes, and a doctor – maybe dr. Dwito which was an anesthesiologist –injected some fluid around my right wrist. A few seconds later I was asked, “Have you felt numb, Sir?”…and I replied, “Yes, I have, Doc…”…

I then was invited to chat with a doctor … and because I was too strained, I could only answer his chat by smiling….

After that…. zzz… I was stuck in a deep and long sleep… (To be continued)…

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