Chapter 10. What happened while I wasn’t aware

From the previous story, I went into the cardiac operating room, given an anesthesia injection… and I also fell in an unconscious condition…with the unaware condition reason, I shouldn’t entitled to write anything in this Chapter, unless …. Zzzzz …. zzzzz …. zzzzz …. or maybe even zzzzzds ZzzzzDS …. …. zzzzzds …. with a note, DS = deep sleep …. hehehe…

However, after I realized in the ICU and got into the treatment room, I was just old, particularly by my sister Enny – that before this, I was suffering from severe bleeding, even up to 3 times. I maybe couldn’t be saved, if only the staff of the operation section or dr. Maizul Anwar couldn’t operate me on February 10, 2011 ..

Apparently, although the 10th of February 2011 was the choice of the operating room scheduling officer, maybe God had outlined or chose the most appropriate date for me to undergo the heart surgery.

As it’s known that the 10th of February 2011 was on Thursday –the next day was Friday, the last day of weekdays. Meanwhile, the 10th of February 2011 was the penultimate day of the end-term exam period in Binus where I have taught over years. As it turned out, from the pieces of the story that I heard after I’d been aware…. my friends from BPPT and the Ministry of Research and Technology boarded the office bus specially came to Harapan Kita Kita Heart Hospital to help me with the blood donor. I heard that my friends from BPPT and the Ministry of Research and Technology filled up one bus or they were about 25 people.

Whereas my friends who came from Binus campus when I hadn’t been aware, were more dramatic. I heard that there were around 40 students stormed the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital to donate their blood for me, which is O Rh + blood type, even some of them donated their fresh blood for me from the bed beside mine in the ICU room –although at that time I hadn’t been aware at all..

Not to mention, my friends from IPB, the Army Judge and Advocate Corps (Ditkumad), BRI, Pertamina, PLN, Adira Insurance, “Blood for Nation”, and even friends who didn’t know me, came to donate their blood to PMI (Indonesia Red Cross) on Kramat Raya street or directly came to Harapan Kita Heart Hospital. The time for donating wasn’t in a broad daylight, but in the middle of the night or in the evening before dawn…

It was said that after Bentall procedure surgery that I underwent on Thursday, February 10, 2011 from 07:30 in the morning until 04:30 in the afternoon – or 11 hours after the operation, in the evening at 10:00 I was bleeding that required a lot of blood, both clot blood (transfused into the body) and fresh blood (transfused directly from the donor body into my body).

Worse, I bleed twice, first at midnight and the second at 03:00 in the morning. As my wife was in a daze, and stressful, couldn’t think anymore, then the blood donor seeking was commandeered by my sister Enny. Why bleeding could occur? Do you still remember the message from dr. Maizul Anwar – the doctor who headed the doctor team who dissected my heart – that, “The biggest risk of the Bentall procedure operation is bleeding …” Apparently, my heart was a bit different from others because apparently the aortic swelling was so severe – it would soon erupt – and it turned out that a lot of my vessels bloods were subtle so it was more difficult to be connected and easier to bleed. At this point, I became understand exactly what was meant by “the biggest risk” by dr. Maizul Anwar at that time….

Fortunately, nowadays was my time for undergoing the cardiac surgery… it was the internet era, where Facebook, Twitter, mailing lists, SMS, BBM (Blackberry Messenger) were very common in among my friends, either office friends, Alumni friends (SMA 1 Madiun, class of 1976 of IPB), and the students used to use all the social networks that I mentioned earlier. So in short, the news that after undergoing the cardiac surgery I got severe bleeding and required a lot of blood donors, could spread all over Jakarta, even over Indonesia and not to mention, even over the world (because one of the mailing list moderators that I knew actually lived in Australia)…

So, all the stories while I hadn’t been aware were gathered from my friends, students, Google or the Facebook wall. If you enter a search string “Tridjoko Binus” or “Tri Djoko Wahjono” so there will appear in the Google archives about the friends rushing to raise blood donors for me with O blood type and Rh +. Although in a more difficult way, but by looking at my Facebook Wall about February 11, and so on, there would seen remarks concern of my friends and students about my health, followed by a get-well greeting. It’s including from my friends from across the world because now by internet, we could keep in touch with all friends as long as they still live in the same planet… 🙂

Due to time constraints, and do not want to burden the readers with images that take time to appear…. for temporary, I haven’t put the samples of the remarks concern or attention or get-well greeting that I received at that time …But in time….. I will upload them in this blog post (To be continued)….

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