Chapter 15. Here’s my recklessness

As told earlier, I was very happy — but more precisely, proud — has managed to “upgrade” from the IWS to the infirmary room in Building II Floor 6, although I had the opportunity to ‘taste’ the quietness of the Pre-Ops room before. I was proud, like the pride of a student who had just upgraded, whether it was in elementary, middle or high school. The only difference was if the student who upgraded class would get gifts from the parents, such as new clothes, new shoes, new bags, new books, new stationeries, and so forth. However, in this hospital environment, what was expected from upgrading was the quieter atmosphere so that the incision healing process was expected to be faster…

I’ve also told by an officer who came to my bed in the Pre-Ops room bringing a wheelchair, I was asked to pack up my stuffs in this Pre-Ops room, assisted by my brother-in-law, Cipto. That way, my stuffs could be packed in a backpack and 3 big plastic bags. So we too consecutively moved from the Pre-Ops room in Building I floor 3 to the infirmary room in Building II floor 6. The distance was quite far, about 400-500 meters…

The building I and II were connected by an open corridor which its length was about 200 meters. As a hospital which its construction was initiated by the former President Suharto, there were still many walls were colored green, so the paint and tiles. My wheelchair was quietly down along the hallway. Like most of the patients here, being invited to “go out” using a wheelchair had been a pleasant recreation and we should be thankful for it. Thus, in the morning I often saw a lot of surgical patients were sunbathing on their wheelchairs…

Then our convoy had arrived in Building II, where all the infirmary rooms were located here, either the medical care or the surgical care, including the pediatric patient care. Then our convoy went up by using a small lift at the back of the building. Arriving on the 6th floor, my wheelchair was driven out and I got a room with single bed. So I would be alone in this room, which quite eased my relatives to watch over me day and night because it wouldn’t interfere and be interfered by other patients or their families. Yet, if I observed clearly, my bed was an iron bed which was welded in Jakarta. Unlike in the intermediate IWS and IWM rooms which almost all the beds were from Paramount, the famous brand…

Because I stayed alone in this room, it seemed that the air conditioning in this room was quite cold for me. Maybe it was because I’ve never had air conditioning in my house that the air conditioning which was set warm would be quite cold for me. Yet, I tried to be grateful and accept what it was. One plus value of this room was that I stayed alone and on top of my bed there were a lot of power inlet plugs which were very useful when I or my relatives wanted to charge the mobile phones.

One of the keys to the incision healing or to be healthy was to eat a lot foods that contained lots of protein like meat or egg white. I had the opportunity to ask a senior nurse who once went to my room about the necessity of eating the protein. Finally, I decided that every day I should eat 6 boiled eggs, but I would only eat the whites. I also liked to eat ribs soup which was purchased from outside rather than eating the food provided by the hospital. The foods from the hospital that I ate were only the fruits and desserts, while about the rice and the side dishes; I prefer to provide it in my own.

Actually, since I was still in the Intermediate IWS room, the nurses there had cautioned the patients to pay attention to the “color” of the feces released. “If it was black or blackish, perhaps it was the first signs of the inside bleeding either in the stomach, intestines, and the expenditure hole,” as was often said by the nurses to us, the patients.

As a result, since I was still in the Intermediate IWS room I always paid attention to the color of my feces before I flushed it using the “flush” button on the toilet seat. Earlier I had mentioned that in fact since I was still in the Intermediate IWS room, I’d been bleeding, which when I did my business, I released blood which seemed so thin. I wasn’t aware that this was because the dosage of the blood-thinning pills I took was too much for my body which was still sensitive to those blood-thinning pills.

And actually, since the first landing in the infirmary room in the building II, when I did my business, the color of my feces was blackish and sometimes followed by a little bleeding. According to the rule, patients should report to the nurse immediately if encountered there were black or blackish feces, since it was the sign that there was a bleeding in the stomach, intestines, or expenditure hole…

Yet, I didn’t report to the nurse about what happened with my feces…and the result was so fatal… (To be continued)

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