Chapter 16. Only one night at home, the next day I passed out in the bathroom

As I told you in the previous chapter, that I had done a fatal error or negligence that was not reporting the discovery of black or blackish color on my feces. I should have report it immediately to the nurse, the nurse in consultation with the physician who treated us would be able to take the necessary steps to avoid fatal errors…

I later found out that the measurement of the blood thinning of a patient who had underwent a heart valve surgery like me was measured by a measure which was called INR (International Normalized Ratio). The INR itself was calculated from the Protrombine Test, from several values of the Protrombine Test then our blood INR could be calculated. For healthy people, the INR values should be ​​between 0.9 – 1.3, small INR meant that our blood was thick large INR meant that our blood was thin…

However, as I who had just undergone a heart valve surgery, that was the aortic valve (FYI, we have four kinds of heart valve), and replaced with a metal heart valve made by St. Jude Medical as it was screwed into my heart, so that the metal heart valve could operate perfectly, it needed a condition of the INR values ​​between 2.0 – 3.0. Special for me, my most ideal INR value was ​​between 2.0 – 2.5 due to my own experience, when my INR value was more than 2.5, it could cause a bleeding, especially there was blood spot in my feces (called “blood on the stool” ) ….

Well, because the blood-thinning pills were given almost every day given by 1 pill per day and apparently it was a pretty big dose for my body, as a result, I suffered from stomach bleeding that I didn’t realize.

As is known, since the heart surgery patients were in the treatment room in this Building II, they were asked to undergo a rehabilitation program to normalize back the body to the state before the illness every morning. The patients who still wore the baby blue patient suit (for the executive patients, they wore white suits with red stripes) and underwent a rehabilitation program in the rehabilitation room on the second floor, then the rehabilitation program was called “Phase I”.

I the form Monday morning until Friday morning, every day at around 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. went down to the second floor to undergo Medical Rehabilitation Phase I. At first my body was ok to go through the Phase I of this rehabilitation program, meaning that when my blood pressure was measured with a digital tense meter in the Rehabilitation Room, my blood pressure was found to be normal around 120/80 (though I was surprised too, when I hadn’t undergone the surgery, the diastolic or my under blood pressure was about 30, 40 or the highest 50).

However, because I was always given one blood thinner pill a day, the bleeding I encountered was worsened. Began on Thursday when I went through a rehabilitation program Phase I, my blood pressure had shown 100/60 – a sign that something was happening to my body. On Friday morning, even the pressure decreased to 90/50 then the lady who was on call in the rehabilitation room was a bit reluctant to ask me to walk around the rehabilitation room ( one round was 100 meters).

Apparently on that Friday morning when I was in the rehabilitation room on Floor 2, my doctor visited my room on Floor 6. After found out that I wasn’t there, then, via the nurse on Floor 6, I was asked to see my doctor on Floor 6 immediately. Finally under the permission of the nurse in the rehabilitation room, I immediately headed to the Level 6 to meet my doctor.

Once I arrived at Floor 6, apparently my doctor had gone and I was left a message that on Friday afternoon I was allowed to go home. Hearing this good and positive news, I was actually very happy. Yet in my heart I still thought about what did my low blood pressure that I experienced at the last two days in the rehabilitation room mean.

I haven’t told that besides the low blood pressure that I experienced, my incision hadn’t healed completely, which was signed by still many Leucocytes (white blood) in my blood, as many as 26,000. In fact, a wound could be considered as has been healed or nearly healed when the numbers of the Leucocytes were 10,000 or less than that. Then by that big amount of Leucocytes, I was actually a little hesitant to go home, even though my doctor advised me to go home.

Since the air conditioning of the car that was brought by my wife was off, then I came back home by taxi on that Friday late afternoon, and my wife brought the car home. When I stopped the taxi and then ran a little to the taxi that had stopped, in fact I already felt that my body was a bit “fly”. So once I got in the taxi, I said to the driver, “Sir, I just underwent a heart surgery two weeks ago. I’m most afraid collapsing in the taxi. Therefore, if I fainted in this taxi later, my home address is bla… bla… bla… in Jatiwarna.” The taxi driver then replied, “Yeah, just don’t collapse in the taxi, Sir. I’ll drive the car slowly, okay, Sir!” During the trip to go home in that taxi, my body was also like half flying…

Finally on Friday afternoon which was a bit cloudy, I arrived home. In my house, my little brother-in-law Seno and his wife who helped cleaning the house had been waiting for my arrival. “Big bro, the house is ready for occupancy…,” said Sri, Seno’s wife. “Ok… Thanks,” I replied, carrying my luggage from the taxi into the room. Soon after my wife arrived home, Seno and Sri helped unloading the luggage from the car. One of the most important items which was the chest wound care equipment was brought into my room…

When I came home from the first treatment of the heart disease in the last November 2010, apparently the two of my daughter pitied with their father’s bed which was made ​​of cotton and the bed room only had fan to circulate the air. Thus they took the initiative to replace the cotton bed to a comfortable spring bed. Both my children ventured to buy the Air Conditioning 0.5 PK which was installed in my room…

So when I went into my room again, it felt cold. After exchanging pleasantries with Seno and Sri, that night I could sleep well at home. The next day my sister Enny and her husband Dwi came to my house to see me. Indeed, all this time since the first treatment until before the surgery, I and my wife stayed in my big sister’s house in Cilandak. Only on the weekend I and my wife slept in our own home…

When my sister and her husband visited my house at that time, in fact my head was very dizzy. So I asked for their permission to lie down in my bed. Later in the afternoon, at about 2.00 p.m., I woke up and got down from my bed to pee. When getting out of bed, my head seemed like spinning; and it felt like I was about to faint. But because I really want to pee, finally I went to the bathroom. After urinating, I want to flush my pee but apparently there is no water in the water pot. I didn’t see my wife, my little sister-in-law Is and my nephew Laras either…

To flush my pee, I tried to reach the faucet and open the faucet. But what happened was…. I felt my head was more and more on the ground floor … it’s getting closer, closer, closer….

Shortly thereafter, “Dear… Dear…. Dear….wake up, Dear…” said my wife sobbed as she hugged my neck. Apparently I was mistaken for a stroke. I then woke up, although still weak, so I said, “I’m okay …” Finally, after defecated outside the bathroom and it just came out in my shorts, I then was cleaned by my wife, given a towel, and told to wear appropriate shirt and pants. My Medical Record card was also brought, and some clothes were packed into my backpack…

A Cipaganti taxi apparently had been waiting outside the house as ordered by Seno. I, my wife and Seno then drove back to the Emergency Room of Harapan Kita Heart hospital. Seno was sitting at the front; I sat at the left back and on my right, sat my wife. Along the way, my hands were grasped by my wife and I was warned me to keep awake and not asleep, because if I fell asleep, it could be forever.

I then remembered a movie series “Band of Brothers” which the story is about the World War II in Europe, a soldier was wounded on the battlefield and bleeding, he had better not sleep and kept awake so that his soul could be saved….

With such memory, the red Cipaganti taxi drove down the highway which at that Saturday late afternoon was rather quiet…. go to the ER of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital (To be continued)

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