Chapter 17. Going to the ER again for gastric bleeding treatment

The Cipaganti taxi then went along the highway in Jakarta which at that late afternoon was being a bit smoother. After exiting the Slipi Jaya Plaza front side, the taxi then went toward the Tomang road. Afterwards, the taxi took a U-turn under Tomang Highway Bridge, then it went to the parking area of Harapan Kita Heart Hospital. After taking the parking ticket at the front gate, the taxi which carried me turned left and stopped in front of the “24-hour Emergency Room” board…

Seno preceded to get down from the taxi then he took a wheel chair. I, by setting my flip first, sat on the wheelchair that was brought by Seno. Slowly, Seno, helped by a security guard, drove me into the Emergency Room. As handed my status record and MICT Scan photographs, my wife said to the doctor on call who wore a dark green suit there, “Gastric Bleeding….

A doctor approached my wheelchair, asked me to look up, and highlighted the doctor flashlight which he brought, into my eyes. While looking at my corneas, the doctor said something out loud – with the intention of the other doctors on call could hear it. That’s a medical term that I didn’t understand, what’s obvious was that it was two words and each word was of 3 or 4 Syllable. The meaning of the term was perhaps a serious condition (collapse), but still better than a comma.

I then for temporarily kept sitting on the wheelchair provided by Seno, and as usual, thee medical students immediately surrounded me and took turn stuck their stethoscopes on my chest and my stomach, their faces were looked tense too.

On the order of a doctor on call, I was raised to the patient’s bedside in this ER room which was also Paramount branded but the shape and color was different from the ones in the Intermediate IWS room. A nurse made an infusion hole in my left hand, and I then soon was given the glucose intravenous fluids. My blood then was taken for the blood test. That Saturday afternoon was passed slowly, Seno then asked my permission to go home since his bike was still in my house. My wife was waiting outside my room, but soon Pram – my son in-law-would-be – came to accompany my wife.

While waiting for the result of the blood test to be done, my blood pressure was measured using a manual (analog) tens meter by a doctor. Muttering “… 70/30 …” the doctor then continued, “…Collapse…,” I wasn’t surprised when the doctor said the word, which the mean wasn’t that good. As a Javanese, I immediately felt grateful and muttered to myself, “Thanks, God, it’s still collapse, and not yet Comma…

About an hour later, my blood lab result was arrived. A doctor on call read my blood lab result, and murmured, “Hb = 5.6 …” Although the doctor’s voice was very low, I still could catch it and in my heart, I quite concerned about my hemoglobin condition which was very low, namely 5.6. In fact, in normal condition, my Hb should be above 12.

Soon I then was transferred to a deeper space inside this Emergency Room. I was also asked to take off my clothes and wear the light blue patient suit. My wife then was called to buy a kind of intravenous fluid to be transfused into my body. The doctor on call then asked my permission to put the IV in my right thigh. My heart was trembling slightly, remembering the infusion line in my left thigh after my previous surgery.

Various fluids were inserted into your body to cope with your blood pressure and Hb decreases,” said the doctor on call.

It is indeed proven, after I was given the intravenous infusion in the form of “food(glucose) then my blood pressure rose, if I wasn’t mistaken, it became 100/60 which means doctor on call in the ER’s act led to the right act. Not long after that, my body was inserted 5 infusion channels, 3 channels in my right thigh; the two other channels in my left hand. The fluids which were inserted into my body were diverse: blood clot (from blood bags), food (glucose), body fluid (probably albumin), antibiotic, and liquid medication.

For a while…. I felt very relieved to have been in the Emergency Room because I knew that I was in the right place, and was treated by the right doctor…. I then smiled while trying to sleep…. (To be continued)

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