Chapter 18. My body, hands, and face were swollen at the IMW

Maybe this was the first time that my body was transfused with 5 different types of liquids, namely blood, nutrition (glucose), medicine, antibiotic, and body fluid. “It’s to cope with your Hb and blood pressure decreases, Sir. We have to do this…” said a doctor, besides I was attached with 5 IV channels in my body, a channel was also attached in my urinating tool which the use was for me to no need to get down from my bed if I want to pee, and to measure how much urine that came out… (The heart disease treatment principle was actually simple, that to balance the fluids that come into the body and the ones that come out of the body)

I was also asked to take a bed rest; means to take a total rest on bed. On that Saturday midnight, I was transferred to the IMW room (Intermediate Medical Ward). Arriving in the IMW room, as usual, my body was then “transferred” from the ER bed to the Intermediate room bed that although was from the same brand but had different model. I was transferred over a board that was similar to the ironing table board…

Once I shifted slightly to the bed in the IMW room, I was then ordered to not get down from the bed even though just for looking up. I actually rather objected to this order, but recalling the seriousness of my condition, I then affirmed it in my heart…

One day later, namely on a Sunday late afternoon, being attached by 5 different kinds of fluids, my body then showed its reaction. My hands, feet and face were swollen. Even, recently it was discovered that my swollen hands “pushed” my patient wristbands on my right hand which was made of paper, so my skin was like getting burnt marks. Unfortunately, my Hb decreased from 5.6 on Saturday to 5.0 on this Sunday. With the decrease in my Hb, then the movement of my head, although for a glance would cause me to suffer from extreme dizziness.

I then felt quite sad to see the nurses failed or were little late to put the liquids into my body. Inevitably I remembered about my mother, that before her passing, the infusion fluid was difficult to put into her body. Frankly, what I remembered was to leave this mortal world. With such thoughts kept ringing in my mind, I did the remembrance and prayed to Allah my Lord asking for becoming healthy as before. All I could do was to close or squint slightly my eyes as I was praying…

I set my sleeping position resembled a “sleeping crocodile”, which was sleeping without moving my hands and feet at all. The IMW room which I thought was cool enough made me pulled my blanket up before my chin. On Sunday morning, I then remembered that my nose was attached a 0.5 cm diameter plastic tube that gridded into my gastric, in order to monitor whether there was still a bleeding in my gastric or not.

Therefore, about drinking the water, milk, and medicines was suggested by the nurse to do it through the tube in my nose, by inserting the fluids into a type of small measuring cup which was available on the small table beside my bed. This was necessary because if I drank water or milk through my mouth, the water or milk would affect that plastic tube so it would be painful if I swallowed them. Hence it was better to drink water or medicines through the nose…

Why drink milk? Apparently, in a collapse state with the Hb as low as this, the doctor on call in the intermediate room ordered the nurse to give me only milk as the nutrition. Every 4 hours I’d have a jumbo glass of milk (Lately I knew that brand was Entrasol or Nephrisol) at 06:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 02:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m, 10:00 p.m., and 02:00 a.m. In my heart, I was grateful to be given nutrition such as milk because it was far better than being forced to eat the hospital food which for a sick person like me it was tasteless…

On Sunday night, I was visited by my City Village Head and the neighbors of RT (City Village) 07. As it was known, I lived in RT 04, and the neighbors of the RT 07 were being there at the Harapan Kita Heart Hospital as there was its citizen who had also just undergone by-pass surgery, whose room (IWS room) was located just next door to mine (IMW) on Building I Level 3.

With the blood pressure which hadn’t been entirely normal, with the Hb that became even lower, namely 5.0, and with five types of concurrent fluids into my body, I felt weak and almost hopeless. Fortunately, the City Village Head who was also the Chairman of the Mosques Prosperity Council in my RW, and his neighbors took me and my wife to pray for my healing. I then followed the prayer earnestly, begging for the forgiveness and healing to the God the Almighty…

When the doctor on call approached my bed, then I asked when I would get my body flat again and no longer swollen, the doctor replied, “Tomorrow, Sir….” I then felt relieved to hear this encouraging answer….. (To be continued)

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