Chapter 20. Graduated from the IMW, entered the treatment room

I forgot to tell that during I was staying in the infirmary room of the gastric bleeding I suffer which was called the Intermediate IMW room; I was required to have a ‘bed rest” meant all activities should be carried out on the bed. I hadn’t told that I wore elderly diaper with an aim to accommodate my feces in the diaper so I didn’t need to get down from my bed. The other purpose was so that the nurse could always check on my “feces color” that was released was blackish or not. Why it should be checked? Because if the feces color was black or blackish; it was a sign that there was a gastric or intestine bleeding….

As I mentioned earlier, my nose was inserted a plastic channel which elongated into my throat and ended up in my gastric. This channel installation was meant for the nurse – under the doctor in the room’s order – could monitor whether the bleeding in my gastric had stopped or not yet. The trick was, the outer tip of the channel was connected with a kind of measuring cup but more slender, then mineral water was poured in that measuring cup and it was lifted higher than my nose, as a result, the mineral water would flow down through my nose, down into my throat, and reached my stomach. After the nurse did this about 2 times or poured 2 cups of water, then the nurse would lower the hose tip which came out of my nose so that its position now was lower than my gastric. With the same principle, the water would come out of my gastric into the glass that had been provided by the nurse. If the glass got dirty or there was the blood, it meant that my gastric was still bleeding. Conversely, if the glass was clean, meaning my gastric had stopped bleeding….

What’s funny was one morning when I was still sleeping soundly as just wiped out by a nurse at 4:00 that morning that made my body felt good because of my fresh body and then new ironing clothes, all of a sudden that nurse without asking or talking to me, poured mineral water into the measuring cup which was connected with my nose. So what I felt was like I was to drink fresh mineral water. Between dream and no, apparently, when I opened my eyes, I saw the nurse was pouring mineral water to my gastric…

Apparently besides this “gastric test” there was another test to read whether the bleeding still happened to me or not. Through the diaper that I wore, when I wanted to do my “business” or finish with my “business” I always called the nurse…

“Nurse….” I called the nurse.

“What’s the matter, Sir?” said the nurse as usual.

“I want to do my “business”…” I replied.

The nurse then drew the curtain so my bed would be covered by the curtain fully…

Well, in this temporary confined space, I could do my “hobby” which was pooping. After I was sure that I finished pooping, I yelled again.

“Nurse….” I called the nurse.

“What is it, Sir?” the nurse asked, pretending not to know.

“Umm… I’m finished with my “business” ” I answered.

The nurse then came to my bed, opened up my diaper, and saw my feces “color”.

“Well, Sir… it’s still black ..” said the nurse, concluding.

Next time the nurse that I called did the same “ritual” and concluded.

“Sir … it’s still dark, take a look… still like tar,” said the nurse.

I then glanced at my feces and it did look exactly like tar which usually was used to paint the wood to prevent termites ate it. The feces color which was as dark as tar had a serious meaning, which was a severe bleeding still happened in my gastric. Seeing this, the doctor (I didn’t whether it’s my doctor dr. Aryo or the doctor in the room) gave an additional medicine Laxtulax in order to ease my pooping and Inpepsa so my gastric would be protected by a thin layer so it wasn’t easily eroded by anything so there wouldn’t be any bleeding…

Every day my doctor – dr. Aryo Suryo – visited me in this Intermediate IMW room. After examining my medical records that I had in the room supervisor’s desk, the doctor then ordered this and that to the doctor in the room or to the nurse there.

After about a week in the Intermediate IMW room, my Hb then rose slowly from 5.0 to 8.0, from 8.0 to 10.0, from 8.0 to 10.0, from 10.0 to 12.0 and so on. Other indicator such as blood pressure had also been improved and approached normal. Frozen blood transfusion had long been discontinued, and the amounts of the other liquids were put into my body got fewer and fewer. So at the end, the doctor in the room decided that the 3 infusion channels in my right thigh were no longer needed because my health condition was getting better.

It was concluded that the 2 IV channels that remained both the right and left side of me were considered enough to put in the fluids required by my body. Finally on a quite sunny Sunday afternoon, I was told by the nurse that I was allowed to move into the treatment room in Building II. Soon my stuffs were packed and loaded into some plastic bags after my backpack that I always carried. Once I was picked up by an officer carrying a wheelchair, I and my entourage – my wife and my brother in-law Cipto – walked slowly toward the treatment room in Building II.

When I moved from IMW room in Building I Level 3 to go to the infirmary room in Building II Level 5, several pairs of the patients eyes on my left side and across my bed followed my movements, as if giving utterance, “Congratulations, Sir… you’ve already had better condition and got to be transferred from this room…” I then left the IMW with a sad feeling, felt sad because for 2 weeks I was treated there with various health trials and had to concentrate to my own health – if to be compared with other patients’ condition in the IMW room that averagely had been old…. (To be continued)

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