Chapter 28. Conclusion

After writing a series of blog posts, you would be able to guess what my feeling was like. I felt like I have fulfilled a daunting task which in a long term I got stuck into a “procrastination” abyss which according to Betawi people it was “ntar sok tactic” which meant always promising … later… tomorrow… later… just tomorrow. Indeed, I’d often been asked, especially by my sister Enny, to immediately write down my experience of undergoing cardiac surgery because if I delayed the writing I would be more oblivious to the events that I had have been through: the pleasant, sorrow, joy, horror, and particularly what the feeling of being at the point of death was like…

And apparently after underwent the heart surgery, I unexpectedly suffered from a syndrome of forgetting people’s name or characters’ names, and popular terms that I have memorized them all before. Later from my discussion with the alumni fellows from SMA 1 Madiun, I discovered the syndrome that afflicted me, it was forgetting Roman numerals! It was discovered when my friends of SMA 1 Madiun filed a protest to me because I was wrong in writing Roman numeral I (one) which was mixed up with the Roman numeral II (two). You know whether I’m serious or not about this, don’t you?

The point was after writing the series of posts on my blog from Chapter 1 to Chapter 28, I felt so relieved immeasurably. As like the heavy burden on my shoulders could be derived to the floor. Take the monkey off my back. Relieved…

[EPILOGUE: Tri Djoko Wahjono is currently has passed 4 months since he had a cardiac surgery. During his rehabilitation program Phase II and III, he and his wife chose to stay at his sister’s house, Enny in Cilandak with the consideration that it was closer to his office and campus. In the first weeks of the rehabilitation program phase II he was always escorted by A Lady who lived in her sister’s house, but once he felt safe enough to walk on his own he then decided to go anywhere alone. At the 3 months after his heart being cut and his aortic valve and the shell were replaced, his heart has beat regularly as like a healthy person, although with a louder sound. After 2 months of his cardiac surgery, he also dared to drive a car again. But he had to wait for 3 months after the rehabilitation program had been completed, until he finally ventured to ride a mountain bike —one of the sports he most loves to do. Tri Djoko Wahjono is soon retiring as a civil servant, but he decided to keep teaching on campus until his physical and mental conditions are no longer possible. There were many would-be cardiac surgical patients or heart specialists who are caught reading his series of posts about his experience in cardiac surgery…]

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  1. Ika Tri Munawaroh
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 10:57:46

    hemmm….Hidup yang penuh perjuangan….tapi tetap selalu bersyukur..malu aku….hohoho

    Iyaaa…pasti dong….berani hidup, harus berani berjuang…


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